Something to be Found for Every Design

The beauty of natural stone is in their versatility. Being natural stone, you can find the right material for just about anywhere in your home. Finesto offers a range of surface coverings, including wallpapers and flexible natural stone veneers, come in a variety of natural colors with distinctive and unique patterns. Whether you are looking to refit your bathroom, refresh your kitchen or redesign the façade of your house there is something to be found for every design.

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What we do ?

Flexible and Thin Stone Veneers

Finesto is manufacturers of innovative, paper-thin and flexible real stone veneers made of 100% natural stones. An extensive range of natural stones are offered to perfect your design.


We produce a collection of wallpapers made of mica stone. Finesto provides the interior design industry with a rare source of beautifully designed textures and creates a truly individual style.


Finesto gained its reputation for fine accessories through meticulous attention to details, and an insistence on fine craftsmanship. Every Finesto product is created by skilled craftsmen in our dedicated workshop.

Flexible Stone Veneers

» 100% Natural Stone Surface

» 1,5 mm Thin

» Completely Flexible

» Robust

» Wide range of colors and patterns

» Translucent

» Applicable to walls, floors, ceilings, façades, doors, kitchen cabinets


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Discover Nature's hidden secrets and how to use it to transform your spaces with light games. Solutions for strong impressions are hidden under translucent natural stones.

Bathrooms require the most durable products. You will meet with beauty and durability with Slate and Sandstone Veneers. Slates and Sandstones are ideal for both modern and traditional settings in wet rooms. An added advantage is that it’s very dense, with very low porosity, and therefore naturally stain-resistant.

We spend a good amount of time in kitchen to create miracles for our families and friends, so it’s a piece worth investing in. If you want to achieve rustic and charming look in your kitchen, a touch of nature is all you need.

Furniture design with natural stone doesn’t need to be rigid and cold, with limited possibilities of design. Finesto offers designers new horizons in furniture and door designs.

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